Photographer Spotlight: Cia Gambino

Since the inception of flowsfordays, we’ve been interested in covering artists outside of music. It’s taken some time to make it happen, but we’ve started off right with Cia Gambino. Through my always informative Twitter feed, I was introduced to Cia. Dope Chicago rapper Squeakpivot (if I remember correctly) retweeted a 4 picture collage of Cia’s coverage of an Urban Outfitters 2pac Forever Collection launch party in Chicago. Cia is also from Chicago. They stood out right away. After clicking her profile and going through her work, I knew I had to learn more about her and her story.

Cia is an artist, but a photographer at heart, which is why this interview is focused on her work. There are photos throughout the interview, which were sent to us exclusively. Most of them cover Adot (who is one of my favorite upcoming artists.) We want to thank Cia for being so open and willing to share her work. Peep the convo + photos below.

You can follow Cia on Twitter HERE to keep up with her output.


Hey Cia. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. How are you today?

Hello, & I’m good thank you for asking.


So introduce yourself a bit…in any way you’d like.

My full name is Cia Moranne Gambino. I was born in Las Vegas Nevada but moved to Oswego Illinois when I was about 5 years old. I enjoy photography and graphic design.


We initially saw some recent photos you took of Squeakpivot. What event was that?

Yes, the most recent event I went too & took shots of was at the Urban Outfitters 2pac forever collection launch party in Chicago.

Dope. What Chicago artists were there?

The two performances were by Saba & Jarrid Valentine.


Was it a good show? Additionally what type of music do you listen to?

Yes it was a very good show, and I like a wide variety of music but mostly I listen to more underground rap & alternative

Got it. So talk about how you got into photography and graphic design? Are you doing any work currently?

I’ve been in a graphic design program for almost 2 years, my teacher really pushed me to try & use my own images so I researched cameras for awhile before inventing in my own. I bought a fujifilm X-A2 and instantly fell in love with how it worked. I’m currently working on an out of bonds image project.


That’s really exciting. Where is the graphic design program? Will we be able to see the out of bonds image project at some point or is more of a class project?

The program is through my school in Oswego, & it’s more of a class project but if I’m very pleased with it I may share it on my social media accounts.

How old were you when you first started getting into art? Can you tell the story behind it?

I was 15 when I first took a real interest into art and such, i can’t tell you what really influenced me I just have always had a keen eye.


So how did you develop those relationships with guys like squeak. Are you friends with any other artists out of Chicago?

I met Adot a Chicago artist from a mutual friend who does photography and editing as well. Adot invited me to the Chicago sleepers art and clothing pop up event to take some shots of him and that’s where I listened to & saw Squeak perform. I haven’t really stayed out of the city so I don’t know other artists from out of town but I hope to continue and meet more when I move back out to Vegas in January to attend the art institute.


Wow the Art Institute. What do you plan on doing there?

I plan on really focusing with more studio & fashion photography.



Did you ever think about going to Columbia College? I got my degree there.

Yes, Columbia was one of my top choices, but I have family that stay out there and ultimately it would be a lot cheaper. But Chicago will always be my favorite city.


Well The Art Institute is a huge opportunity; we are so glad you are pursuing it. What inspires you to create? Do you have a purpose or mission statement behind it?

Many things inspire me, my surroundings, my emotions, the beauty of others. I want my images to have a greater purpose one day.


Well we really appreciate your time, it was great getting to know you. Do you have anything else to add?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking an interest in my work.