Steve Flacco – Summerslam 1998 (Video)

San Antonio’s Steve Flacco is dropping his Stone Cold Steve Austin tape pretty soon, and to help build his buzz he’s released the official music video to single Summerslam 1998. It’s pretty apparent Steve is a WWF fanatic as the visual includes clips of the matches.

What’s even more impressive are the amount of clips involved in just over 1 minute. My favorites are the beautiful full screen animated clips. The director of the short film, Shelly Knicks, has an amazing ability to pull everything together. Let’s also not forget that Steve edited the entire thing.

Steve also shines with his rapping style; also showing that he is very comfortable in the spotlight. It was a nice surprise to see that ICYTWAT produced the cut, as I’ve been following him for quiet some time.

Keep up with his output by following him on SoundCloud here. The actual audio for Summerslam is also available for free download below.