Matt McGhee – Playing It Safe/Selfish (New Track)

Matt McGhee hit my SoundCloud stream last night with Playing It Safe/Selfish and I automatically pressed play. No surprises: it was great. Previous release Carnival (below) was a genre bending beauty…automatically one of my favorite songs of the first half of the year.

Playing It Safe/Selfish is a two part track done exactly right. The first part combines Ava Hovanka, TiKA and Matt’s voice to make a more melodic piece with a blipping electronic beat. Matt brings out his inner 2000’s r&b side to show a more vulnerable and painful side to the relationship that I’m sure is a continuation of Playing It Safe. It is self produced…and I wouldn’t be surprised if actual drums were played on the beat. It’s great to hear two different producers (McCallaman on the first part) create such different instrumentals that become cohesive and further the story.