femdot. – to(u). (New EP + Extensive Review)

femdot.’s debut project femdelacreme was my introduction to the young emcee. I lost touch with his music as he dropped the king dilla EP, but jumped right back in with fo(u)r. I wasn’t expecting three more releases…and that they would all be connected. 2016 has been his year as thr(we). hit us in the summer. We’ve just gotten another EP to digest in to(u). Fittingly, this one is focused on romantic relationships which was a direction I wasn’t expecting. The project has brought us much closer to this guy; showing a different side to his artistry. What’s astounding is that fem is in his early 20’s, but is so emotionally intelligent and able to express his struggles beautifully. 

Thankfully the bars are still there, maybe even more so. Nostalgia hits us like a ton of bricks in openertotheonebckntheday as fem takes us to a seemingly young love. There are some problems…her mother doesn’t know about the relationships and she wouldn’t approve, fem’s interest is in college, and fem can’t seem to convince her that he wants to be her man. The soul sample with the sound bite of “want to be your man” is almost too perfect; hopefully I’m able to decipher what the aforementioned song is.

After looking at the song titles in this 4 track offering, you’ll begin to see that this story of sorts is in chronological order. Instead of fem giving us bland titles, we get to see some of his poetic side, especially with totheoneinthesnow. Clearly this relationship dates back to the winter, and fem matches that with a clear narrative.

There are samples galore in this offering; mostly coming from Usher (totheoneoutsouth- My Boo) which adds to the r&b theme of the project. The Overarching reflection comes deepest in totheoneovrthere. We can thank our lucky stars for the beautiful and somber production from  D.Phelps, Shaan Meht and Mike Wavvs. Let’s also take in the album artwork which is a perfect depiction of the emotions he has gone through in these relationships. I think we can all relate to the feeling of free-falling when falling in love, problems galore, and then going through a rough break up. Of course there are much more complex situations involved, but the feeling of not being in control is central.

This is my favorite EP from his 2016 output as I am a sucker for vulnerability in hip hop.