branDun DeShay -goldUn Child 2 (New Project)

I recently read an excellent interview (from years ago) with branDun DeShay right before he dropped the first installment of his GoldUn Child mixtape. I hit Apple Music right away and gave it a listen and it was great. It’s hard to find Asian inspired hip hop, but I always enjoy the music that comes out of it.

He’s worked with cats like Rockie Fresh, (apparently they have enough material for a full project) done production with Curren$y and Dom Kennedy, and has been involved in the city’s hip hop scene for quiet some time. I also learned that he went to Columbia College (Chicago) around the same time I did. Too bad we didn’t meet.

The second installment of the GoldUn mixtapes has come and it is even better than the first. The album artwork isn’t a surprise as the first tape featured him drinking a beer (this time it looks like sake) and other Asian characters. I was happy to see he has continued with this theme.

There is more diversity on Part 2…branDun even ventures into pop territory in Gomen Nasai. There are bangers like Throwed and Unbothered, and of course, Asian inspired beats (usually self produced.) It’s 14 tracks deep and all a treat. Give it a spin above.