It’s been awhile, but we are back with another installment of the Dissection Series.

This one comes from Ibra, a Chicago emcee that continues to grow with every release. It’s nice to see an artist that is influenced by A Tribe Called Quest and 90’s hip hop. In his submission he wrote “I am trying to turn my hobby into my lifestyle.” That sentence stood out to me, along with his song Get Yours.

I can definitely hear the impact Tribe has had on his music, especially in Get Yours. His flow is smooth and even…and when his second verse impacted it was hard not to see his potential. We recently discussed some of my favorite lines, how he found the producer of the song, and his upcoming project. Peep below.

Hey Ibra! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Ibra, a rapper from Chicago who fell in love with hip hop around 6 years ago.

We’re here to talk about your track Get Yours. It was refreshing and full of substance and positivity. I’m interested to know what inspired you to create it.

I wrote Get Yours because at the time I was trying to figure out how to differentiate myself musically and personally from what everyone else doing. I came up with the answer that if you want to be truly unique and successful you have to work for it.

One of the most compelling lines in the song is: “They trying dig my ditch and tell me it’s gonna be alright.” What exactly were you talking about?

In your quest to be who you truly are there will be people who try and stop you, to make you conform to norms, but you can’t let those people dig your ditch and put who you truly are in it.

The song is produced by Thovo. He provides a simple but effective beat. How did you get in touch with him? Will you guys be collaborating on anything in the future?

I found him through SoundCloud. I came across the beat and instantly liked it and talked to Thovo to see if I could use it. Thovo is a great producer I hope we can collaborate on something else soon.

Liiko provided some beautiful background vocals. What is your relationship with her? What made you want to get her on the track?

Liiko’s a guy. He’s one of my closest friends; while I was making the track he came over and I showed him what I had at the point. Liiko gave me tips on what direction I should take with the song and while I was rapping the chorus once he started to sing it with me I liked how it sounded so I had him record it. 

How did you write to Get Yours? You spoke on so much.

I thought about how a lot of people seem the same to me. Dress the same, listen to the same music, think the same…etc, but that’s not what I want for my life nor should anyone else.

Do you have anything else in the vault we can look forward to?

I have an upcoming project that is currently untitled that should be releasing within the next couple of months, but until then I’ll be dropping songs consistently on my SoundCloud.

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

Thank you for this opportunity.