We appreciate artists that veer way off the path…not for shock valuem but because they aren’t afraid to stay true to themselves. Virginia’s FULMETALPARKA$ is that artist. Everything from his name, his newest video ODALYS.NY, to his cover art screams artistic expression. The song ODALYS dropped a month ago and got a great response, so it was only right he hit us with the visual.

Videographers sometimes use “edits,” (for lack of a better term) but FUMETALPARKA$ & JAKE LE’FLAIR approach this one in a totally unique way. Throughout the video things speed up, slow down and occasionally stop. It’s such a pleasure to watch.

ODALYS.NY is the first single off his upcoming project TRAPHOUSE, so keep watch for that by following his SoundCloud. He put out his DESIGNER IN MECHA OST tape just 3 months ago which you can check out below.