Lordapex – Smoke Sessions Vol. 1 (New EP + Artist Spotlight)

UK artist Lordapex has been making outstanding music since his 2015 EP EP Hyōkō Meisō. His output is insane…in the last year alone he’s given us 9 projects. Each one has a concept at the forefront, everything from the Cosmos to sampled vinyl to “smoked out music.” Smoke Sessions Vol. 1 hit the web a 2 weeks ago and has been making steady noise. It’s a delightful blend of dense rhymes and atmospheric beats.

Producers Skl, ATLS., and Nxstalgic are responsible for these rough and tough instrumentals. How these guys linked up is unknown to me as their hometowns span different countries.

SSV1 is an easily digestible EP as most tracks are just a minute or two. You’ll notice there are 3 cuts with Side A, Side B, and Side C which gives me hope that vinyl copies might be pressed up. All of his projects are available as “name your price” on BandCamp, so if you enjoy be sure to spare a few bucks.

Footage of the the smoked out sessions will be coming soon so follow Lordapex on Twitter + SoundCloud for updates.


Also follow Skl, ATLS. and Nxstalgic on SoundCloud as they have made a plethora of other cuts in their discography.

Photo edit: @kay.ibrahim