We Speak with Established Chicago Producer The 25th Hour (Exclusive Interview)

I love speaking with creatives. If you are a long time reader of FFD, you may be aware of that. Getting to know artists I have discovered, believe in, and enjoy is such a wonderful feeling. I’m not sure if our audience enjoys these or has any type of feelings towards them. Maybe no one reads them. I truly hope you guys do, but I will continue to showcase these artists. These conversations aren’t completely about their music; almost all of these people have insight on the industry, music, and life in general. I’ve taken away so much from these interviews. I hope you guys do too. To view all of them click this link.

That being said…my most organic back and forth must have been with this dude right here. The 25th Hour is an established producer out of Chicago that has provided instrumentals for a wide range of artists. I was first introduced to him through his work with eGo who is a frequent presence on the site. He has versatility in his beats, and is able to bring out the best of any artist he works with.

We spoke with the promising producer right after he released WYT with another established artist in the Chicago scene, eGo Jaleel. There is a lot here, and we hope it gives you some insight into 25th and the music scene out of Chicago. Stay up to date with his music by following his SoundCloud.

Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to sit and talk with us! How are you?

I’m good, how are you?

Doing good. Can you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from, How old are you?

I’m The 25th Hour from the Southside of Chicago and I’m 25.

So how do you contribute to the music scene in Chicago? What do you do?

I’m a music producer here, but I don’t feel I contribute as much as I’d like to. It’s a big desire to be very active with everybody on the music scene here. That will come with more work tho.

I definitely agree. With that being said how long have you been producing? Who are some artists in Chicago that you’ve worked with?

I’ve been producing for 4 years now and it’s been a journey. I’ve worked with eGo, Aceso, Boy Illinois and  Kane Bleek to name a few. Got quite a bit of unreleased work that I can’t speak on yet, but I can say it’s worth the wait.

We are really looking forward to that. I was first introduced to your work through the eGo track WYT that you guys just dropped. I cannot even tell you how much I loved that instrumental. What was the process in creating it/giving it to eGo, etc.

First I’d like to say I appreciate the love, thank you. I guess I was going through a phase around that time in my life and I was just making more darker beats. I’m usually over eGo’s crib monthly just working on new beats playing completed ones and it was a full house so it was just vibes all around. And eGo and the homie BA ( talented guy by the way) just starting singing the hook and the rest is just history. Just a case of being in a very creative atmosphere.

I hear that a lot with artists and producers…having a lot of good creative people with good vibes helps the creative process. Have you had another experience like that? And do you agree with what that?

I agree 100%. That’s why I always try to keep my laptop with me. You never know what vibe you’ll catch. And I’ve had plenty. It’s more often with eGo and Aceso. I go over their houses and we just get tree and create. I have the most chemistry with those guys. They’re up next for sure.

Thats funny you mention Aceso. I loved his tape from last year; Sick La Familia. Did you do any work on that?

Yes I had a record on there with him called Day 2 Day. I’m very proud of that record.  Give it another listen and tell me what you think. I’d appreciate that.

For sure man will hit you up right after I listen. Do you feel like you’ve progressed as a producer since then? And if so in what way?

I feel like I’m a 100 times better, but I will say this. That record was made when I started to find myself as a producer. I feel like I’ve progressed all around. From the technical things to mixing, drums, melodies etc…. Still a lot more work to put in.

I really admire that..admitting you have things to work on and actually doing that work. I really relate to that. Tell us a bit about your beginnings. When did you know you wanted to get into production? When did you make your first beat?

I loved music all my life I was in band learned how to play the sax, trombone and the organ through church. I really wanted to get into production senior of high school, but I was too focused on getting a football scholarship so I didn’t really pursue music until I met my partners and close friends Davis Dope and Naj B. Dope started our production/media group House Of Dope. I was DJing at the time and I saw how good they were and I was ready to take music serious then  and they just helped me grow as a producer. I owe them a lot.

That’s dope. Are you still close with them? Are you still involved with House Of Dope? What happened to the football scholarship?

Yea. We’re still going strong. Over 3 years. My brothers for life. And I got the scholarships to Northwood U in Michigan and I blew out my knee first semester and came back home lol. It all worked out for the best.

In my opinion thats the biggest sign you could get to pursue production full time (laughs)

(Laughs) definitely, especially being on crutches for months. Helped me figure out what I wanted out of life as well

Oh yeah for sure. So how do you better your craft? Are you making music every day?

Not so much anymore, but that’s what I did. Including shutting down my social life for 2 consecutive Summers to work on my craft. Ive sacrificed a lot, but I’ve never considered it a sacrifice or burden because this is what I want to do with my life. Music brings me complete serenity at all times.

Once again I relate to that. A lot of sacrifice comes from dedicating yourself fully what you love to do, but like you said it makes you calm and happy and doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. Who are some realistic artists you are hoping to work with next year?

I hate to be vague, but I want to work every talent in Chicago. Home is where the heart is. But you probably need specifics lol. I’ve been wanting to work with King Louie, Keef and Durk to name a few. I wanna work with more ppl from Savemoney as well. But really everybody from the crib I wanna work with ASAP.

Great ambition. Do you have any local producers you look up to? any influences just in general?

My brother C-Sick and the homie Mic Lee are 2 of my favorite producers period. C-Sick has just been that big bro from afar. We link every now and then but he’s always keeping me on point and positive. Me and Mic supposed to be working soon. His beats are crazy too. Salute to every producer doing their thing out here as well. Influences are all over the place right now, but I will say Ty $ new album is cold and Nx Worries new album YesLawd! is one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard. It’s inspiring to push my sound even deeper. I’m also getting great vibes from my youngin VD. He’s 17 and he’s got next. He’s gonna be better than me

The new Ty album is insane. Both albums have very different production thats really interesting you say that. YesLawd! is amazing; I totally see how it would inspire you to get better. Oh dope we’ll check out VD. Just to wrap up…are there any last thoughts or shout outs you’d like to give? words of wisdom?

Trust the process. Even when it seems like it won’t happen stay prepared and humble it will work. Stay active, mind your business. It’s way too many to shoutout but salute to all my fam and everybody I worked/work with. Last, but not least thank you to everyone that has pressed play on a record I’ve been apart of. I couldn’t do anything without you guys for real. Shoutout flowsfordays for being dope and reaching out. Thank you so much.

That’s some of the greatest advice we’ve heard in the interviews we’ve done.. so big shouts to you. We really believe in you and appreciate your time.

Thank you. Looking forward to building with you in the future.