MikeyyAustin – ErykahBadu (Video)

Let me start off by saying flowsfordays was supposed to premiere this video right when it came out. MikeyyAustin was extremely understanding of me being so sick and even took the time to ask how I was feeling. Still, I was so bummed. It’s only right that I remedy the situation by posting his incredible film (yes film) as soon as I hopped back on. ErykahBadu is a single off his latest project Tinted which was released back in July.

Mikeyy put a TON of thought, work and time into the visual. There’s a lot going on in the film so I asked Mikeyy to explain:

Speaking about “getting back to my roots”, when I wrote the song ErykahBadu, I was talking about getting back to the roots of music. When the art form was pure and individuals did it just for the love of it. No hidden agendas. No weak motives. Music was an expression of self, community, struggle, and hope in the future. Many have a hard time finding their true selves as an artist, because they have hidden agendas of what they can get out of the music. When that’s the case, you conform to whatever trendy wave is current. ErykahBadu is a song for artist and every day people that do what they do for the love. And during the cultural explosion that was the Harlem Renaissance, whether poets, singers, musicians, dancers, painters, etc. they all did it for the love. So this video depicts the Harlem Renaissance, while displaying the community of Lansing, MI!
I highly recommend you taking the time to watch this all the way through. Mikeyy aims to spread love and with these tumultuous times it is much needed. You can follow him on SoundCloud here.