JU$ -Mental Scriptures (New EP + Review)

I’m new to JU$ of the iCoastra Nostra collective, but he’s given a damn good first impression with his recent EP Mental Scriptures. If you want a good taste of the project, give JU$ about 2 minutes of your time and listen to the intro. It’s a spoken word piece, full of loss and honesty. The line “I literally gave this shit the best that I could” is a perfect depiction of the raw emotion that is Mental Scriptures. You’ll notice it from the get go.

The entire project was produced by HitmakerDot and it is to JU$’ benefit as he has a diverse palette of sounds that match very well with Ju$’s flow.Mental Scriptures’ track placement is vital to the success of the project. Yesterday’s Promises is a bit of a history lesson on JU$’ beginnings and must be heard in order to fully understand what comes next.

The EP has a lot of hope, but recognition of the ways in which people/society tries to take us down. JU$ truly just wants his shot and the freedom to make music and hopefully help someone in the process.

This is a very personal project, and above anything else, you’ll learn about JU$ who has a great story to tell.