I honestly don’t know if you’ll be able to keep up with Philly’s Derick Knox. If you’ve followed him for awhile you’ll know over the summer he dropped a lyrical dizzying track titled Where You At. This dude needs to Rap Genius this shit…I played it back many times and didn’t even know how to deconstruct it. I deciphered a lot though. He’s not just rhyming words because he can; he has tons of metaphors and has a great ability to bring you into his world.

Derick recently dropped the official visual to the song and it’s high quality. Director Sam Wolde definitely did his thing. The producer of the cut, Derrick Thomas, got his Tribe on with this one and it seems to be the best style for Derick to rap on.

Derick is 19 years old, studying at Kutztown University, and still has the time to write such poetic songs. He’s working on his debut project which should be impacting in 2017. Know exactly when it hits SoundCloud by following him.

Photo credit: @xingxinglor