We’ve highlighted a host of different hip hop since the inception of flowsfordays. Some melodic, some dark, others straight lyrical goodness. The farthest stretch we’ve gone into the experimental, hard on the ears music is the Adamn Killa tape we posted A WHILE back.

Today we have the oddest sounding submission we’ve ever received. It’s not even close to a  negative thing. On Go by Gold expanded my mind to what not only hip hop, but what music, could be. When you experience it for the first time you may get angry, woozy or even happy. It all depends on the person. One thing is for sure…you will be intrigued. If you like it, if you don’t like it, you’ll wonder what it’s all about.

I find the song quiet claustrophobic. At one point Gold literally yelps some bars, but it is muffled and totally rock infused. I’m not sure what headspace he was in when he made this, but his producer Idle Kid knew exactly what to give him so he could go HAM.

Apparently he’s 24, a part of a collective called Young Gods of America/YGOA from Arkansas and heavily influenced by Lil Wayne as he listened to him the most growing up. This was all given to me by his best friend who has produced for him as well.

Gold is an odd figure, but definitely an artist. Someone who tests the limits and boundaries of what is a comfortable sound. He’s working on his debut project now; and I’m sure it will be a mish-mash of abstract yet cohesive sounds.