MBK Maine – Came From Nothin’ (Video)

Artist MBK Maine and director extraordinaire Ja-Wan (The Director) have linked to make a visual masterpiece. Their combined talents have given life to a hard hitting and honest song titled Came From Nothin.’ It is more of a short movie as you’ll see when you press play. MBK explained it really well in his submission. Here is an excerpt which will give you the full picture:

MBK Maine links up with outspoke and civil director, Ja-Wan the Director, to put both of their dreams (of a world of peaceful, successful, young black men) and realities (the struggle for the dream) in the video. You see pain within the characters of the video and hear pain in MBK Maine’s voice, but as a viewer take some time to understand the harsh placement of the African American and the hope within MBK Maine to completely change his life around