Only Jahmez – Tarzan (Video + Artist Profile)

South Jersey artist Only Jahmez is a creative juice drinker.

Let me back up and explain. About 4 days ago he created his site, to host his first official music video, Tarzan. He went further though, telling his story on the pages with a little humor and a lot of honesty (check an excerpt at the end.) He’s been steady posting tracks on SoundCloud for some time now, but Tarzan has made the most noise. It makes sense that he’d turn it into a music video.

The video, shot by 1:26 Motion Pictures portrays Jahmez as a real life Tarzan, wilin’ out with shirt off. The song is infectious and full of life. I don’t know how, but producer Branford Beats gave us a picture-esq soundscape of the title. This guy is different and most importantly makes great music.

Text from

I have always been a weird kid. I grew up in a small town where everybody knew my business and there were barely any resources to chase my dreams. Nobody showed love and I was constantly told to stop. So what did I do when life gave me sugar and purified water?
I made a way for people to understand the crazy things that go on in my mind and please their taste buds at the same time. Because when I could see the future every time I shut my eye lids nobody would truly support me.
I made a clever blend of natural juices, I made James Juice. It is deeper than the juice! So don’t rush me for my juice. Don’t hate me for my personality just get ready to sip up and I want everyone to know you can do anything you focus your energy to. God is good. We are not, so pray!
Your probably wondering when your going to get a chance to taste the juice or when the juice will be available. Simply keep your eyes open and get to know Only Jahmez the best you can because the juice is coming.