It was a beautiful October day in the heart of the Chicago. Yung Ja$per and I had plans to meet up at the State red line stop, but it didn’t quiet work out. Multiple phone calls, location sending via iPhone (which I had never done before) and we finally got it straight and started walking on South Michigan towards one another. 10 minutes later we meet.

First notes: Ja$per is tall AS HELL. I would have guessed 6’5” (he later says 6’3”.) He is crazy stylish, wearing a burgundy sweatshirt, black coat and skinny pants. Check the picture.

We had a pretty lengthy conversation at the park across from Columbia College. We got interrupted for a few minutes as his girl called, but besides that it was fluid. We wrote on Ja$per a couple of days ago so you know we believe in him. As you listen to his tracks above you’ll definitely hear his potential.

Hey man, how’s your Sunday going?

It’s going pretty good, got high as fuck (laughs)

(laughs) Can you tell us a little about you? What’s your name, how old are you, where are you from?

I’m Yung Jasper from the South Side of Chicago, I’m 17. I’m a young n****  tryin’ to get my clout up.

So how long have you been this tall?

I’ve been 6’3 for…I hit my growth spurt last fall. Probably since last fall.

Are you still in high school?

Yeah, I’m a senior. I’m about to graduate. I go to Morgan Park high school.

So first off I have to thank the Gmail Gods for blessing me with your email submission.  How did you find us? How did you find our blog?

A friend.

You initially submitted Final Fantasy which was released 5 months ago. I loved the track, but like I said in the email, it was a little old. It drew me to your most recent release Purp. The Chucky cover is insane. Why did you decide to do that?

Because I’m gonna be Chucky for Halloween (laughs.)

What headspace where you in when you created Purp? What made you make it only a minute?

I was just going crazy really. I was just free-styling.

Wow, I didn’t know that. Why did you just make it just over a minute?

I have no clue, it’s just the way it went down.

In our write up I called you eccentric as fuck or something like that. 

Eccentric? (Laughs)

(Laughs) Yeah and I meant it as a huge compliment. Do you agree with that…I mean how does it help or hurt your music process?

I’m not sure how to answer that (laughs) how do you see me?

Eccentric as fuck (laughs) I mean you’re different. You do shit differently. And I feel like the sound that you’re coming with is totally different than what’s coming out of Chicago.

Yeah, definitely.

So do you have any inspirations out of Chicago; anyone you look up to?

I mean of course, coming from the Southside of Chicago, we all look up to Chief Keef. Um…I look up to Warholl…Lil Durk. That’s about it from Chicago. For the most part I listen to n**** like Smokepurpp, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa.

So you’ve been posting on SoundCloud for about 7 months; did you have anything out from earlier?

From earlier?

Did you record or post anything?

Nope. Just started.

In the post we said everything you make is catchy, so do you set out to make it that way?

Yeah because I feel like in today’s society and shit we like to turn the fuck up so why not make some catchy ass shit to turn up to… you don’t wanna make that boring shit, you’re just spitting straight lyrics. We all like to turn the fuck up; so why not make some catchy ass shit? You don’t want to make that boring shit. You want to be able to vibe to it.

I think that’s what you said in your submission, “I just care about people turning up to my music and feelin’ it.” So my favorite song you’ve made is Through. The album artwork is trippy as hell. Who designed that?

I’m not sure; a friend edited it, I think it was already up on the web.

Just to stay on the artwork…they’re all really different. There’s the one I just mentioned and the one of just you…

Oh, the one in the gas station? (laughs)

(laughs) yeah yeah. So how do you decide on a cover? Are you just like fuck it and do what you want?

Yeah, just fuck it whatever.

So when did you start making music?

I started making music about a year ago. My brother used to make music, and he got killed so I was like fuck it, I’m at the age now…I’m gonna try to pick up where he left off.

Yeah…did he record; did he make music?

Yeah he did; he made YouTube videos and shit.

Oh ok. Have you worked with any artists that you’ve really liked? There’s one guy on your SoundCloud…I forget his name…

Lil Dinero?

Yeah yeah. 

Yeah I’ve got a song coming out with Hedge God…got a song coming up with Mikey Dinero. That’s it right now.

Nice, nice. Who do you listen to?

I listen to Wiz Khalifa, Smokepurpp. I listen to…wait let me check my SoundCloud….

Is that how you listen to your music?

SoundCloud? Yeah. Oh, Playboy Cari, Madeintyo, A$AP, Lil Uzi of course, Lucki.

That’s what I was thinking. Lil Uzi has a different voice; it’s melodic, catchy, and that’s how I saw your stuff. In the last 12 days you’ve had like 3 releases I believe. Why did you decide to post so much music?

I was just putting shit out, like some of them were old songs so I just threw them on. I don’t have a manager or anything so I just put shit out.

So are we gonna get a full length? Is that coming out soon?

It’s coming out…it should be out in January. Dropping the mixtape in January.

Can you tell us the name?

I don’t know the name yet, nah.

(We take a break for a phone call with his girl)


Do you want to go anywhere else, live anywhere else rather than Chicago?

Well of course I want to live in California, LA.

Cause there’s so many creatives?

Creatives; best skate scene.

Let’s talk about that for a second, how long have you been skating?

I’ve been skating for 4 and a half years.

So how’d you get into the culture? 

I saw my neighbor, he had a skateboard, he was doing kick flips and shit. I used to ask him…I just got on it. Shit, I fell in love with that bitch right on the spot.

So, who holds you down the most in terms of friends, family?

I’m not really sure cause I’m V-lone as fuck. I do it solo. (shows unfinished tattoo)

Dope man. Well, any last shout outs?

Yeah man just look out for me…if you don’t fuck with me you don’t fuck with me. (smiles)