We sit down with underrated Milwaukee emcee Manzo to Talk About his New EP ‘4th Quarter’

When any sports team is loosing, it all comes down to the 4th Quarter. It’s at that time where the team has to prove how much they’ve practiced, how hard they’ve worked and how much they’ve strategized for this moment. Show & Prove (shout out to Wiz Khalifa.)

As you’ll find below, underrated Milwaukee emcee Manzo had this mindset in creating his newest EP 4th Quarter. He’s worked incredibly hard for this moment. The project is lyrically inclined, full of atmospheric beats and focused rhyming that really caught our attention. We sat down with him to discuss the album, rappers he’d like to work with in his city, and future plans.

Hey Manzo, thanks for taking the time to talk with FFD.

Absolutely thanks for having me.

So you just released your new EP the 4th Quarter. Before we get into the actual music, explain the title of it. Why is it called the 4th quarter?

Well I called the 4th quarter because in sports the 4th quarter represents the end of the game or last opportunity to really turn the game towards your favor. Life works the same way. Theres a sense of urgency when you make music to develop as fast as you can and not waste time. Otherwise you can lose this battle. Its symbolic.

Right. That makes sense. Do you feel like this is your last opportunity to get people on board with your music? In that similar vein, how long have you been creating music?

Yes I really do. Im 26. Im only getting older. Ive been releasing music this last year but started as an artist when I graduated from college in 2012. I first picked up the mic at 14 but it wasn’t until I graduated from college that i really started doing this on a major indie level.

Right. So do you think you’ll hang up the mic if the album doesn’t get the recognition you’d like?

No I don’t think ill stop making music. Its so much a part of who I am. I don’t do this to get famous or rich necessarily. Its about connecting with people especially the kids that feel like their outcasts. High school was hard for me and i never really fit in. I was really awkward and rap music saved me and got me through the toughest of times. Artists like 2pac and Eminem really connected and resonated with me.

That’s really good to hear as I loved 4th Quarter. You have great control over your flow and lyrics. Venice especially impressed me. Talk about that song. You had kind of a running theme going on if I interpreted in correctly.

Thank you. Thats actually my favorite. If anyone wanted to know who Manzo is as an artist, they should listen to Venice. It encapsulates the raw emotion and realness of my life. Who cant relate to being a slave to a dead end job while still having dreams of a brighter day. All my music is based on personal experiences and that was def my intended theme on this project. And it happens so naturally

nothing needs to be scripted.

I can definitely see that. Did you approach the EP in a similar way?  It seems to be a direct chapter out of your life.

Absolutely. And it does come natural to me because it comes from a place of honesty. I dont have to pretend or fabricate like some of these guys you know?

Yes, and you can definitely tell in your music. Who were the producers you worked with on 4th quarter. A lot of it sounded very atmospheric.

Thank you. Well I worked with a variety of people including my homie Bru who is from Houston. I also worked with Derek Thomas Jr. He’s a big SoundCloud producer

Dope. So you’re from Milwaukee, are there any guys from there you’ve worked with? Anyone you listen to from the city?

Yeah I’m from Milwaukee but recently moved to Miami. I have a lot of homies who do music in Milwaukee including Mike Regal. Ishdarr is dope too. Venice and Ken Griffey were actually recorded and mixed by his manager Enrique. Or MAG as they call him.

Oh nice. Do you think you’ll work with them in the future?

Mike I know for sure is always down. I would love to work with ishdarr at some point. But he’s blowing up lol.

Yeah he definitely is. So lastly, what can we expect from you in 2017. Any plans?

Yes more music! More positive energy and just trying to gain more exposure. Whatever happens, happens. My goal is to make music and put it out in the universe. ll let the higher powers above take care of the rest.

Well we certainly hope we have helped with that in some way! Any last thoughts?

You have! And I’m very grateful for you spending a few minutes to get to know me and my music. Shout out to all the blogs that show love. I know it can be a selfless job.