Pavy Gives Us a Track By Track Guide to new album ‘Me, By Jonathan McCoy’

Pavy just dropped his newest LP Me, By Jonathan McCoy and it’s great. I’m not surprised though. It’s gotten heavy plays just the last day and the reception has been just amazing. I gave it a couple spins last night and it was A1. The project is full of R&B, jazz, trap, and disco influences, providing a full soundscape for the 13 tracks.

Today, Pavy has provided us with the exclusive details on each track. He really dug deep on the creation and inspiration for each one. There is a plethora of info so play the album above and follow track by track.

Intro – For this record I originally just wrote a verse. I was just gonna have somebody play a radio announcer & that’s how I was going to lead it off. Then I came back to Chicago & was going through stuff at my grandmothers house & found this tape. Listened to it and figured it was perfect to start the album with.

Last Week is really just how I was feeling with life at the moment. I wrote the first verse and hated it & I had to be convinced to finish the song like 2 months later.

With Me Tonight is basically just about me not having anybody to talk to and longing and lusting for that & what I would say to that person if they were around. The second verse is kind of weird because it pretty much happened in my life a year later so yeah..that’s crazy.

Until The Morning – this is the record that I for sure put the most work into. I literally found all the live instruments that I possibly could & made it as groovy as I could. This came from me just listening to a lot of disco music & just wanting to put my own spin on it in a way. This is probably my personal favorite off the album.

Love/Life is basically a big metaphor the first verse is me comparing liquor or being alcoholic to love or being in love. The second verse is about me comparing a woman to the world or being black in it. Just a record I wanted to have fun with & test myself lyrically with.

The Walker – this is like the second half of Love/Life & explaining the what I was talking about in simpler terms in the verses.

The Interlude – this came from listening to Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” & wanting to do like my own version of it. I just thought it was cool to have a record that was all instrumentation.

Drift – one I wanted to test my song structure but it was more so about my battles with what was probably depression at the time & drinking to much. Just putting it out and displaying what I was going through in a way that hopefully everybody could relate to.

What I Want Ft. C-Rich – Well this song is actually about my dealings with a certain woman that I won’t name. Originally it was just a freestyle & it was my homie Thomas’s favorite song. I couldn’t quite understand why but I trusted his judgement. So I sent it to C-Rich to see if he could come up with a hook to make it better. He completely knocked it out the park I replaced the drums & there you have it.

Your Song Ft. Ivana of VanJess & C. Rich – this song was original inspired by Jhene Aiko’s hook on the Drake song “From Time” at first it was just a verse responding to her hook like what would I say if she said that to me. And then I sat in the studio with C-Rich again & he came up with the hook. & I sent it to a poet to get a poem & basically the poem is a woman telling me something that would make me say what I said in my verse. Then Ivana came through & read it for me & that’s how it came together.

Alcoholic – the flow at least the pattern for the hook was inspired by Drake on the song “Madonna”. It’s basically a record about me expressing my troubles & my doubts with life going forward & getting older.

Forgive & Forget Ft. VanJess & Thomas Mac – this record is about learning how to let go of certain things that you thought you never would. The second verse is an actual family situation that happened when I was younger that I never really thought how it had an effect on me & others around me. I just thought it was a perfect outro because it deals with the topics of just letting go even if you don’t have closure which I’ve learned is very important in life.