Whenever buddies Mulatto or Qari put out a single or a full project, you know the artwork will be epic. Before I even pushed play, I double clicked on the album cover and let it wash over my eyes.

This loosie from Qari and Warhol.SS will absolutely cater to their individual fans. Both of these Chicago staple emcees are very different in style and cadence, so jumping on a track together might have sounded a bit odd. These two not only make it work, but may have just given us a Chicago classic.

As usual, Qari dips and dives with his bars; stutter stepping and excelling. Warhol does his thing as always, providing sweeping vocals and rhymes with his effervescent personality. Mulatto’s instrumental blew me away and proves, once again, that Qari and him can make magic whenever they hit the studio. As my Chicago friends know, these three guys have been huge on the local scene, but are also gaining fandom throughout the world.

You’ll enjoy this whether you have been following Mulatto, Qari or Warhol.SS since the beginning, or are just starting to catch up.