I listened to Chicago producer Lasko’s newest EP, Float, just a few days ago. I’m not sure how it went by me as I try to stay up to date on all things Chicago. What initially drew me to the diverse LP was Lasko’s production on the new Malcolm London project OPIA, which was our project of the week. As you’ll read in our interview below, before Lasko and I even linked, I enjoyed his production on the album more than anyone else’s.

He is extremely talented and is just beginning to take off. He dropped a collaborative EP with femdot. last year, which didn’t make enough noise for the caliber it was at. He’s got a ton of ammo in the fault so keep your eyes on him.

I’d also like to give a shout out to the mixer of Float, Professor Fox, who was in actuality my professor at Columbia 4 years ago. He’s crazy talented and I have always really looked up to him.

Float was just one of the things we touched on in our exchange below. Lasko talked about when he started producing, his bucket list, and his experience producing on Malcolm’s widely talked about project.

Also, be sure to follow him on SoundCloud to hear more music.

Hey Lasko, thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Of course thanks for the opportunity.

No problem! So hows your Sunday going? Huge Cubs win yesterday!  Did you celebrate last night?

Sunday is going pretty good, been at work mostly. And I just heard they made it to the World Series. Not a baseball fan sadly.

Me either! I support these guys 100% and am happy for the city, but never been into baseball either. So can you tell us your name? How old are you? Where are you from?

I’m glad I’m not the only one. My name is Jakson, I’m 21 and I am from the city of Chicago.

Thanks! So lets get right into the music. So you are a producer; a great one I might add. You recently released your new album Float. How do you feel about this one compared to your previous releases?

I really appreciate the kind the words. Yeah Float was totally different, I came from an old school hip hop background making “boom bap”, and I saw what these other people around my age, pushing the boundaries of hiphop and whatever other genres you’d consider them. So float was kind of bringing my hip-hop roots and “chillwave” together I guess.

I totally hear that. Float sounded so different from last year’s collaborative EP with femdot. First off how did you link up with him? What made you guys decide to do a full project together? What was the reception like for inSIGHT?

A mutual friend of ours at the time connected us both. We really liked each other’s sound and we knew it would work well so screw a single, let’s do an EP. And the reception was pretty positive, it didn’t make a big splash but no record that sounds like that will anymore. We have plans for a second EP which is gonna be a lot better at least on my part. fem did a perfect job.

That’s so dope I’m really looking forward to that. Any details you can give on when we should expect that?

Sadly at this time no details on a general release date. It’s gonna be some time haha.

Aw man too bad. Let’s take it back. When did you start producing? What drew you to it initially?

I’ve been playing music since I was really young, maybe like 6. I started with piano and then took up the saxophone.  So in high school Daft Punk were my gods, and they still are (discovery and homework era). And I used to listen to their live sets from back in the day and I started teaching myself how to DJ and I did that for a couple year and it naturally transitioned into producing.

Wow; it seems like you’ve really worked at this.

Haha I really hope I have; some of the raw talent other producers have is insane. I hope I get to make music on that level some day.

For sure. So let’s talk on that a bit. What are your goals for 2017? Who are some realistic artists you’d like to work with? Who are some on your bucket list?

I hope to see continual growth in both the quality of music I make and the way I navigate the music industry. Some realistic artists I would like to work with in a year or two would be Kweku Collins, Iris Temple, and Elias Abid. Some artists on the bucket list have to be Sam Gellaitry, Blu, Mndsgn, Dam Funk and Smino.

Oh man Blu is the man. I just started seriously listening to him unfortunately. Who are some producers that inspire you?

He is so underrated like crazy underrated. He’s one of the best MC’s in the game. The producers that inspire me would have to be Mndsgn, Monte Booker, Sam Gellaitry, and Madlib to name a few.

He is really underrated. He comes out with new albums all the time. So you were heavily featured as a producer on Malcolm Londons new EP which was our mixtape of the week. How did you get on that? By the way it’s the best production on there hands down and I thought that before we got in touch.

Damn that’s love thank you. Honestly it was the most random thing to happen, I checked SoundCloud one day and Malcolm messaged me wanting to work. Mind you, neither of us had ever met and I still don’t know how he found out about me haha. Still have to ask him that.

Haha that’s dope though that’s a huge placement! So we’ve been talking for awhile let’s wrap up. Any last thoughts shout outs or words of wisdom?

Oh ya I couldn’t be more thankful for Malcolm having me on his project. Just wanna say thank you again for talking with me, and shouts to the fans of Float and my homie Jaro.

Of course! We really appreciate your time. We definitely believe in you. 

Means a lot Julie thanks for the love.