Damien The Architect – Cooler By The Fan (Video)

A music video about fixing fans. Yup. I mean I guess I should have guessed it from the start. Still, at first I was skeptical on the new visual from Damien The Architect, but once the music dropped there was no doubt in my mind the theme was going to work.

Something about seeing dude sitting on a couch with two girls on either side of him with a straight face holding moving fans is the most G thing ever. Especially since at first these women were pissed he arrived so late. A mention of a girl “giving him franklin” with shots of monopoly bills is G to the max.

Let’s give credit when credit’s due to director Rogelio who just slays on this.

The song is dope too; an auto-toned fantasy with hilarious lyrics. This is a new favorite for me.