Mark Edmond – Hell Naw (New Track)

Mark Edmond submitted his new song Hell Naw and I freaked out a bit. He’s from Broward County, Florida and you can definitely hear that southern influence (just listen to his voice.) I’m not sure what that deep voice sample is, but DeAndre Freeman (the producer) probably knew it would put Hell Naw on the map.

I hit Mark back and told him with the right promotion this song could easily get radio play in his city, in which he replied back “if only politics didn’t exist.” His response had me laughing, but it’s quiet a true statement. Mark is knowledgeable about radio and the industry so I have no doubt he has some plans for the song.

Hell Nah is the perfect length, about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It’s easy to consume and so much fun to play back. He speaks of adversity, but sounds so hopeful about it. Just read his take on it:

This song is coming from a standpoint of facing adversity. Everybody has a choice when those situations present themselves, so what this song represents, is how I’ve chose to cope through those times.

This is radio ready hip hop; and I’m rooting for him.