The new music video from SAVEMONEY’s Kami titled Home Movies is a spontaneous love affair. I watched it multiple times just because it was so different, so off the top. Of course a lot of time and effort went into this one, (I mean look at the credits) but that may be the best part about it. The concept is almost silly , but at the same time it is complex and detailed. You’ve got features from Joey Purp and Vic Mensa which is always a good sign, and the main character  is just dope. She is confident and lets completely loose; I have a hunch she is the same off camera.

Home Movies sounds like a psychedelic indie rocker’s wet dream. Kami’s high pitched vocals suit him well. There are layers and layers of sound (thanks in part to Knox Fortune) all combining to make an easily replay-able piece of work.

Let’s also applaud the fact that Kami hit us with the track and the official music video very shortly after.