Let’s just note the artwork for Don Michael Jr.,’s new single, Alive. Whoever created the cover certainly knows how to draw some attention. After listening to the song, I actually believed he had that psychotic looks in his eyes while he was recording this. The coos throughout the track are reminiscent of some Travis Scott ad-libs done right.

I wish other emcees sounded this rapid over a track. He seemed to enter another realm when he heard this beat. This isn’t the first time he’s sounded hungry, just listen to the rest of his catalog. I have never said this or even thought it was possible, but every song/album he is released is great. There isn’t a bad one in the bunch. What’s even more impressive is he is a self taught producer. This man can do it all.

Don’t forget, Michael can also do the r&b thang, and well (see his last release, Don’t Let Me Lose.)

I highly suggest you follow him on SoundCloud. His run is incredible and something to be admired.