Chicago native Mpulse has been on the scene for quiet some time. His first post on SoundCloud was FIVE, count it, FIVE years ago. I’m pretty sure that was the beginning of the site (but please correct me if I’m wrong.) Dude stays working.

I really enjoyed his last project Bulls Vs. Sixers, but all of his albums have replay-able value. Decide for yourself here.

M has started a new series where he drops a new track every week, which he’s dubbed 52 weeks. You guessed it, he’ll be doing this for the next 52 weeks. He’s dropped 7 so far so be sure to catch up on his official playlist that he’ll update every week.

This weeks cut is 1 of 1, where M proclaims no emcee is like him. He’s the best, and there is no telling him differently. Perhaps he is right, especially after listening to the playlist to the series. What should be recongnized is his raspy voice, bar structure, and ability to ride any beat. Producer Dr333w comes correct with the cinematic beat. Keep dropping those hits M.