You know those albums that just make you feel good? It’s like sunlight in an otherwise stormy string of mixtapes, albums and tracks. Stormy in the sense of emotionless lyrics, booming production, and every song sounding the same. There is a big time and place for that (and as I’ve written before I’m very drawn to that type of music) but albums like HEAVN (Jamila Woods), Coloring Book (Chance The Rapper) and Surf (Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment) are just happy. Maybe the topics spoke on aren’t always cheerful, but most of them reflect positivity, especially in the production.

Malcom London, a young Chicago poet, performer, activist, and educator has made this aforementioned album in OPIA. You can hear his intelligence in his lyrics, his choice of features and topics covered. The topics are taken on in a proactive and positive way. I truly think Malcom believes we can all get better with whatever we struggle with.

It helps that there are features from femdot, Donnie Trumpet, and Jamila Woods (among others.) There are tons of gems on OPIA; so much to take in. Every song sounds different but creates a cohesive piece which is the mark of creativity and ability to last in the industry.

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