Yoshi Thompkins – What It Feels Like (Freestyle)

There is so much in this new freestyle from Yoshi Thompkins that after the 1 minute mark my head was spinning. It takes many, many listens to fully grasp what he’s saying. If you thought he couldn’t spit, now is the perfect time to hear how wrong you are. He’s got a host of dope tracks and collaborations (like the excellent Du Rags with Denzel Curry + Ronny J) on his SoundCloud so don’t miss out.

Not only can Yoshi rap, he’s got a great ear for production. Also, that voice. Wow. Listen to any of his songs and you’ll know what I mean.

Franco Laflare produced What It Feels Like, and if you were wondering he’s got beats by the boatload which you can check out on his SoundCloud.

Side note: Franco’s album + single artwork (below) make me happy. That is all.