Our new dissection series has become a Chicago affair. I wouldn’t have it any other way as we are based in Chicago and I (Julie) call it my home town. I have carried on the tradition with Freako, a budding artist out of the windy city. He’s no stranger to the music scene, dropping two albums and a frequent amount of singles in the last year.

His newest 3 track EP, Vacation, contains nice vibey music and is a breath of fresh air to this blogger. He’s gotten some nice coverage on blogs, only adding fuel to his movement. Although there are only a few cuts on the EP, each one has a lot of sonic layers. Keep reading for a dissection of Vacation.

Hey Freako! Thanks for sitting down to talk with us!

No, thank you for the opportunity.

So you just dropped your 3 track EP Vacation. Tell us about why you decided to release it now and make it 3 songs. 

I wanted to do something different, also it’s been a while since my last project. The whole meaning of the project is a getaway vibe of music something to truly escape from what’s going on. Finally I made it three songs so they can want more.

Your music has always had a more ‘down tempo’ feel to it. It definitely works in your favor. Have you always had this vision for your music? What draws you to this sound?

I think that’s what people sleep on is that I can really do all types of music I don’t want to be stuck in one style to be honest so I always want to switch it up from time to time. Everything comes from what mind set I’m in, and as of right now I’m enjoying life and experiencing the world. I love my sound its weird to explain but it’s much more to come

You and Adot collaborated on the Bool track. You’ve made a good amount of music together including songs Summer and Weak AF. Why do you think you work so well together?

Adot my brother beyond music we help each other to stay motivated and to get better. We got hella music together. I don’t know how we mix so well on tracks we both raw and also have different type of sounds and it come out crazy every time truly grateful for bro for real.

Do you record in the studio together? Will there be more music with you two in the future?

Surprisingly not all the time we go to each other session but we do record at different spots at time. And hell yeah lol.

Was the entirety of ‘Vacation’ recorded in one slot of time? When were the tracks recorded?
Nah it was spaced out like every time I came back to the city or before I left I recorded one of the songs it wasn’t purposely but it worked out.

What was your writing process like for the EP?

Different only because so much that’s happening is so new to me and amazing as well as inspiring, so there was so much to create and speak about I like it it feel as if I found my balance with it.

You worked with three different producers on Vacation (Universal, Dree0 + Wildlife Willy). What made you go with them? How did you know them?

I had the universal beat for a while and I wasn’t feeling what I wrote to it till it was recorded now I love it because it’s different from a lot that I made. I know Dree0 from Xbox he stay out in NY that’s my brother as well. Wildlife I wanted to work with for a min he work with my homies Lostboys and Vela each beat he made was different and amazing .

Wave is my favorite track on the EP. Some will miss how lyrical it is. What inspired the song?

Mines as well I feel its more personal and again it goes back to me finding my balances cause before I was too personal with my music and the drugs I do I felt I took the wrong approach but at the same time I need that and people liked it then so I improved. I always want to improve cause I’m very heavy on what I expected out myself. Waves is perfect to me like a break away from what drop this year I’m glad you like it and it means a lot.

Any last shout outs, thoughts, or words of wisdom?

Shoutout Ace League my brother Adot, my manager Djay and my brother wolf and everybody that had something to do with the project and thank you for this.