K$UBI KAYY – Make It Happen (New Project + Review)

I would call Make It Happen, the new 7 track EP from K$UBI KAYY, exploratory. It is a project that may sound a little experimental on the ears, but there is a method to K$UBI’s madness. There are a host of different types of tracks that most projects contain. Lyrical and retrospective (Can’t Compare, a highlight) pose cuts (What You Do) bragaddocious bangers (6 Speed, the best track on the album) distorted and ambient (Make It Happen) and a bonus track (How It Go).

My readers will either love this or find it too must to digest. I am in the first category. The objective of my blog is to expose new + unique music to hip hop heads; all while helping lesser known artists get their time in the spotlight. I think I have done that in this post and hopefully since the beginning of flowsfordays.

Give this record a spin. Try something new today. If you like what you hear K$UBI KAYY on Soundcloud.