Justice, the co-creator of influential blog The Demo Tape, hit me up a few days ago wanting to exchange some of our favorite music from our hometowns. He’s from Baltimore and I’m from Chicago. We decided to write a collaborative article on the songs we are bumping from artists out of our cities.

For me at least, these songs aren’t extremely recent releases but have been heavily played on my front for the last month or so. (I’d like to also add that SoundCloud is down, at least for me, so I couldn’t post the tracks underneath. I did provide links to the albums/mixtapes they are off of along with a YouTube link below the song, except for femdot’s onourown which I couldn’t find.)

Check out our favorites below:

Julie: (owner and operator of flowsfordays)

Rocket ManLeather Corduroys (off album Season)

As I’m sure most of my Chicago peers know, the group Leather Corduroys is made up of artists Kami De Chukwu + Joey Purp from the SAVEMONEY crew. Unfortunately they have only released one album and one EP, but both were high up on my list of favorite projects in 2014 (Porno Music Volume II) and 2015 (Season). I played the shit out of them when they came out in those respective years, but dipped out a bit this year. I’ve recently come back to Rocket Man, my favorite track on Season. It is a rendition of, you guessed it, Elton’s John’s extremely popular hit from the early 70’s. This is just a perfect track. The instrumental flip (provided by Dimeji Faluyi) is hip hop at it’s finest. The best part is the chorus, a soft yet direct switch up from Elton’s version.

Bitch I am the rocket man

Probably blasting off again

I hope that they remember him

I know they gonna miss me man

AmyTree (off album Sunday School)

I didn’t catch Sunday School until 2013 (sad face) but when I did I dropped my jaw when I heard Amy. Yet another sample/flip from a popular song that bangs like no other. I’m almost positive Tree produced this as it was also featured on his instrumental album which is just excellent.

Amy is upbeat, bouncy, and totally dope. Tone Skeeta is an excellent feature. I dove more into his music after I heard this and was very happy with what I heard. The rest of SS is great; the sequel is even better.

Smoke Break Chance The Rapper feat. Future (off album Coloring Book)

I’ve been playing this track for so long it’s become engraved in my brain. I’m so familiar with it not only can I rap along to every verse. Future is one of my favorite artists right now, and this was a pretty big departure from his most recent project E.T. I never expected Future and Chance to collaborate on a song, at least not in the near future, so this was the most welcoming surprise of 2016. Both Chance and him play off each other well in their softer more melodic voices. The instrumental by Garren brings everything together.

Mucho Gusto King Louie (off mixtape Play Dat Again)

Listen to 10 seconds of this song and you will be drawn right in, trust me. At the 1 minute mark the bass gets so heavy that when I use my cheap headphones to listen to it, it almost breaks them or blows out my ears. You’ll recognize that there is a Caribbean/Spanish type sound to it making it the most unique track on the tape. Louie’s flow is just amazing, but that’s not much of a surprise. I just wish it was longer.

onourown. – Femdot (off of album thr(we)

What a god damn intro! I’m not sure what that sample is in the beginning, but it is definitely some type of music from the 80’s. There are so many “oh shit” bars on this one, but I’ll just highlight a few.

Look, she go down like a southern American

From Georgia, speaking of dome

Just got a Caesar cut speaking of Rome and they

Killing niggas like they Coliseum

Speaking of home

I’ve been following Femdot for awhile now and I stand by my belief that he is one of the most underrated lyricists in the game. In my humble opinion it is the best cut off of thr(we) and maybe of his career.

Justice (co-founder of The Demo Tape):

The music scene in Baltimore right now is at the highest peak I’ve ever experienced it at. With such a variety of artists bringing their own unique sounds, it’s become almost an everyday occurrence for me to find sounds from my hometown that I’ve come to enjoy.

Whole Lotta Money – YBS Skola

It would only be right to start this list off with arguably the hit of the year out of the city. From his No Pen, No Paper project released earlier this year, YBS Skola’s Whole Lotta Money can be heard throughout the city at any club, party, gathering, etc. and it’s not hard to see why. It’s extremely catchy and will probably be one a lot of year-end lists throughout the DMV.

Mr. Clean – Zheep

With one of my favorite songs of the summer, Zheep had a phenomenal third quarter of the year and will hopefully cap it off with one of my most anticipated projects out of Baltimore this year, 20/20,”set to release soon.

BBB (feat. Blue Benjamin Sleepy) – Bandhunta Izzy

Bandhunta Izzy and Blue Benjamin Sleepy had two of the best rookie campaigns in the city this year and they recently teamed up for BBB”(Blue Benjamin Bandhuntas.) The two trade verses for three minutes in what’s quickly become a daily play for me.

TRAP$AVAGE – TRAPJXHN & MikeyTha$avage

This is one of my favorite projects out of Baltimore this year and it starts with the intro. With some great production throughout, the tandem of TRAPJXHN and MikeyTha$avage had hits for the whole summer and beyond on this one.

Poppin – Tate Kobang

Tate Kobang blew after his single Bank Rolls, but it might not even be one of my favorite five songs in his catalog. His Since We’re Here project released earlier this year really impressed me and it started with this intro right here.

Still Crushin – daveolgy.

It’s not all hip hop though in Baltimore. I’m not even a huge R&B fan, but daveology. almost forces you to become a fan. This single off his NIGHTS project is only a small sample into what he’s capable of.

King Me – Lor Scoota

Gone, but surely never forgotten. Baltimore lost a legend in Lor Scoota this year the hands of violence as he was leaving a charity basketball game promoting peace in his hometown. However, before his untimely death, he left Baltimore with a gift in Still In The Trenches 3 in this is definitely one of my favorites

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