Cadillac Cat – Yesterday (OTW) (New Track)

Sometimes we need that ignorant shit. Music that you can get hype to, to listen to after a long day. Give me production with huge bass and simple lyrics and I’m good. Yes, it’s a Tuesday night, but that doesn’t mean your energy has to drop. I’m happy to start my night off right with Yesterday (OTW), the newest release from Virginia native Cadillac Cat. I’ve been posting Cadillac’s music for a long time, but all on my previous blog. Today marks the day where I get to spread his music on my new platform and I couldn’t be more excited.

He’s certainly progressed as an artist since the early days and has found his sound which remains to be honest and in your face. Yesterday is full of braggadocios lyrics, sexual innuendos, and trunk knocking production from the man himself.

He promises even more new music soon, but take a look at his SoundCloud as he’s posted quiet a bit of singles and even a project, in the last few months.