If I ever need an instrumental hit I know to go to emcee and producer $omebody (Martin $ky.) He’s got to be the most posted artist on flowsfordays…someone count it up for me. sleepin is yet another great release that is just as dark and trap infused as his previous production. Unfortunately you won’t be able to hear them as he has taken them all down. Hop on this one quick. To keep up to date with all of his drops follow him on Twitter 

If you aren’t familiar with Martin the emcee you have a lot of catching up to do. This guy is a legend around the city and if you need further proof just go to his SoundCloud.

I’d also like to note (as this is personal to me) that on World Mental Health Day (October 10th) Martin gave out his personal email so anyone struggling with any type of disorder could reach out and speak to him. It is the most selfless and kind act I’ve seen in such a long time. When I saw the tweet I got teary-eyed as I have ties to this intense battle. I hope people took advantage of that opportunity and gave thanks to him.