Max Wonders – Hues to Blame (New Project + Review)

This is an album. Make no mistake. Not a mixtape, not a “playlist.” A full fledged, time consuming, (I’m sure) intricate, complex and magnificent album. Max Wonders out did everything he’s ever put out with Hues To Blame. This isn’t to discredit his previous work (which came out two years ago) but the progression is incredible. He knows his sound now, he knows how he wants his songs to be structured, the beats he thinks are best for his vocals and rhymes, and the direction he wants to go in.

Max has always been a bit experimental; playing with instrumentals most rappers (especially from Chicago) wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. He made it work on The Wonder Tape, but he knocks it out of the park on Hues To Blame. I’ve listened to it twice and still have a lot to figure out as 15 tracks is a lot to digest. So far my favorite tracks are Vices, (with a confusing minimal beat that gets more and more complex as I listen to it more and more) Hotel Paradise (where he kills the combination of harmonizing and rapping) and of course the collaboration with Kembe X, Go Home (along with Daniel Hex).

Not to be overlooked is his straight up insane track with Royce da 5’9 and closer Good Morning. Hues tells a story, a story that is equal parts interesting and compelling; and just sounds fucking good. Don’t sleep on this one.