Kev Decor – My Time Ain’t Cheap (New Track)

Kev Decor just released the best track he’s ever created (in my humble opinion.) If you are a long time reader of the blog you’ll know I’ve been loving this guys music since I discovered it over a month ago. I’ve added all of the song releases to my Apple Music, streamed many times, and even conducted an interview with him.

My Time Ain’t Cheap, his latest, incorporates all of the most addicting elements of poppin’ hip hop music today. Pop oriented melodies and unique vocals, a built up bass heavy instrumental, and crazy energy. His output and work ethic has been insane and it has continued since the interview. He’s dropped 5 tracks in the last month alone, and, as we learned in the sit down, also created all of the artwork. I can’t get enough of this one, but I’m sure he’ll give me another most favorite soon.