Xavier & The Thrill – Thrill (New Mixtape)

Eccentric Chicago artist Xavier & The Thrill (Formerly XVRHLDY) has come through with a 14 track blessing of an EP called Thrill. Xavier described the project as: “A psychedelic time trip between early 80s Hollywood nightlife & present day. A tale of Money, Drugs, Sex, Neon Lights & Everlasting Life.” After one run through I’d have to agree on this. Single Green Thumbs and Tears of Legends (featuring Saba) has gotten hella plays but the stats will surely rack up.

We also have features from YP, Iman Shumpert, Young Wolf, Trouble T, Ari Stylez, and David Ashley.

I do have to add that the first time I heard XVRHLDY (his name at the time) it was on Need To Know 2 which kinda blew my mind.