A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Not A Regular Person (Official Music Video + Discussion)

I have a newfound love for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Fuck the hate, comparisons and discussions. Seems these days if you’re hated on, you’ve made it. But I digress…

His tape Artist is my most played project (front to back) of the last 6 months (hey, Jeffery and Prima Donna just dropped). The odd, melodic hip hop is the new wave, and artists old and new have hopped on it’s dick. *Confession: It’s the type of music I’m into most right now, so no shade thrown.*

Boogie definitely fits into the aforementioned category, but listen to his voice! Angelic, animated, silly. I could listen to him talk and call it music. To some extent I could the same for Uzi + Thug. But their vocals are rough, abrasive, and a little intimidating. Not enough to stray away, but enough to put Boogie in a different category entirely.

Most of the tracks on Artist are romantic lullabies, music to soothe you as you go through girl troubles; as he was going through this when recording. When writing tracks for Artist, all he had was his life; his emotions, his experiences. It is only right that this new single and video, Not A Regular Person, is a therapeutic track talking about his new found fame. I’m still digging it; still looking forward to the new album.

I’m not trying to convert you or try to get you to agree on Boogie. Just check out the damn video and share the music you love. Enough said.