Hodgy Beats – Dukkha (New Mixtape and Review)

There was a point in time that I thought Hodgy Beats was the best rapper on Odd Future, and suddenly, it seemed like he just disappeared.. Well Hodgy is back, and his new mixtape gets to go through the wrath of me!

ANIME (4.7/5) The beat for ‘Anime’ is extremely chilled out! I’m talking laying around the house on a Saturday afternoon on Instagram while you ignore text messages chilled out! Thanks Thelonious Martin. Hodgy definitely comes out swinging on his verses; He raps with this great tempo, combined with some good wordplay. Did you hear his singing on the track? He sounds just like Frank Ocean to me. He also sounds like Diggy on the verses (Yikes)

FEEL NO PAIN (4.1/5) ‘Feel No Pain’ is that serious/kill-a-rapper type track by Hodgy, as he is going after critics necks! I really like his harmonizing on the track, as he once again sounds like Frank Ocean, but this time, the singing balances out the aggression of his verses well.

SOUL (4.5/5) Soul has such a good feel to it; It kinda has this whole disco/funky sound to it that I’m sure Jaden Smith can kiss another guy to on ‘The Get Down’. Uh oh, was I spoiler? This time around, Hodgy motivates, explaining his approach to life, and it’s pretty effective! He describes his obligations to his son, his approach to life, and how he’s become the man he is now. Wow….I guess he wasn’t bout that idiot life that Tyler and the rest of Odd Future were on after all…

HUNGER FOR MORE (3.8/5) Another emotional beat for Hodgy, which means another track in which Hodgy completely blacks out! Great lyrical content on this one, over and over again. This song kinda reminds me of something that Obie Trice would make. I give Hodgy an A for effort on his emotional ass singing at the end of the song….Over here sounding like he’s confessing sins.

ORIGAMI (4.6/5) Probably the only sing-a-long/club record you will find on this project, and it is a hella catchy one! I love how Hodgy still keeps it lyrical despite the obvious loose style that he is rapping with. This is the type of track that should remind individuals how good he is. I have to admit, despite the animation in Hodgy’s verses, he plays second fiddle to the beat to me (Especially with that creepy ‘Conjuring ass lady’ in the background.),

TALK IT OUT (4.8/5) Just like ‘Origami’ is a first for a club record on this tape, Talk it Out is a first for sappiness. I like how Hodgy opens up on the track, as he talks about his relationship with GOD, and how he wants to talk it out with whoever he has a problem with. I know that description probably means that the song is sappy, but it’s not, as it is pretty jumpy. I’m convinced that Hodgy doesn’t know how to rap any way other than tough….Someone get this man a snickers. We could’ve definitely used Hodgy’s approach for problem solving on the next 9 episodes of Love & Hip Hop Los Angeles.

BIZNESS (4.7/5) ‘Bizness’ has Hodgy and Rarri going ham over this gladiator-like beat. While Hodgy raps with his typical aggression on the track, Rarri gives off more of a harmonized verse than Hodgy; It almost sounds like Rarri isn’t trying to take care of business as bad as Hodgy wants to….Hodgy trying to get s–t done immediately! You can’t help but be motivated by the chorus on this song. The way Hodgy’s rapping is too tough to ignore. Why does Frank Ocean keep appearing on this dusty ass mixtape? OVERALL

RATING 7.2/10 Not much is dynamic about this Mixtape, which I guess is ok, as I don’t quite expect that from Hodgy, but he does provide us with very good lyrical content throughout. Hodgy’s rap talent is evident, which is something that you should appreciate from this Mixtape.

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