FXXXXY – Cartel Shawty #ANKCARTEL (New Mixtape + Extensive Review)

FXXXXY is a crawler. That’s the best way to describe his music. About a week ago we wrote on his out of this world track 20 Taliban. I knew EP Cartel Shawty #ANKCARTEL was coming out on the 31st but I never saw it on my SoundCloud feed and sadly I was too lazy to seek it out. I realized, today, that all I had to do was hit Pigeons and Planes for the exclusive premiere. I visit the site almost every day so this was just pure bad luck.

I finally gave the EP a listen and I automatically thought back to the good old days of when Ricky Hil was dropping dope project after project (circa 2011/2012). He half whispered on his tapes; they were drug infused paranoid and schizophrenic takes on his struggles with addiction in relationships and substances. At the time I was going through a rough break up and had a very addictive mindset so these projects were speaking my language and I loved them. *Side note: I haven’t revisited these in awhile; think I’ll go back to them today.

The songs on Cartel Shawty #ANKCARTEL are even quieter; barely a sound comes out of FXXXXY’s mouth. Yet, you can hear him. He matches with the intense beats produced by the man himself. The effortlessness is actually quiet complex, the lyrics are abstract, euphoric, and lyrical. Ricky’s weakness was his half syllable flow; it got a little old after awhile. FXXXXY is nothing like this.

I stayed engaged throughout the 7 track project. I got an idea of what it was about after looking at the cover. As you can see above, it is two polaroid pictures of a woman clad in a short top and underwear looking at other polaraids with a signature and an xo. The EP is a love story of sorts, set in the 21st century complete with texts and curving.

Previously released singles Columbian Exchange and 20 Taliband are clear standouts, but another favorite is Write Me Back Honest. An obvious “honest” track, it has a lot of quotables and clear emotion.

I loved this project, and hope to hear more from the man himself. The production made it stand out even more; let’s hope he stays personal on his new content.