The Better Half (Best SoundCloud Songs From August 15th-31st)

Hello faithful readers. Welcome to our new bi-monthly series The Better Half. flowsfordays will be curating a playlist showcasing the best SoundCloud releases in the last 15 days (give or take, depending on how many days are in the month.) Instead of perusing through your SoundCloud feed, you will now have a simple way to hear the best of the best in one easy to navigate playlist. All you have to do is press play.

We have quiet a hefty offering for #2 as so many dope tracks came out in a mere 15 days. Some highlights include an amazing instrumental from $omebody (Martin $ky) a track from Alex Wiley featuring the water God Mick Jenkins, a HUGE offering from Raury, and TONS of tracks from lesser known artists that we have discovered either through submissions or our own digging. What an amazing end to August.

Feel free to skip through tracks; we just wanted to offer some diversity so there is something for everyone. Enjoy!