K.A.A.N – Chill Bill + Harambe Remix (New Track + Review)

I don’t know if anyone will be able to touch these remixes from K.A.A.N. He went on a complete rampage dropping these two tracks. Each one contains bars with literally no space between; his rapid fire flow never slows down or ceases. On the Harambe instrumental off of Young Thug’s newest Jeffery tape he imitates Thug’s strained, out of breath vocals but pulls it off better in my humble opinion. To Thug’s credit he’s not a bar for bar man; I just gravitate more towards the lyrical on certain beats.

Chill Bill, the viral track from Rob $tone, is another beat that K.A.A.N. completely kills. It’s a very nice move to wax poetics on two very different pieces of production, diversifying and showing off his ability to kill anything, anytime.

The Hambre track is my favorite out of the two drops as it is a much more natural fit for K.A.A.N’s flow. On both songs nothing is held back; it’s some train of thought goodness but sounds like fully formed tracks. Get in tune with these that seemed to slip by most people.

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