Joe Trufant – Really Large Amounts (New Track)

I’m new to Joe Trufant (shout out to BluntIQ) but I’m loving this new track Really Large Amounts. Released literally 30 minutes ago, it’s a dreary instrumental with a juxtaposition of confidence in making that do-re-mi. There are similar sounding tracks out there, but I get the vibe this is EXACTLY the music Joe wants to make. While a lot of artists gravitate towards this dark, ambient, and moody sound (because a lot of them with a catchy chorus get tons of plays) I hear a more artistic expression of Joe’s emotions put on wax.

The great thing about Joe is he is consistent. Nike Checks and New Things, his latest offerings, have similar vocal styles but are expressed in a way that continues to feel genuine. Many topics are covered in these three tracks; my favorite being the ones that almost leak pain and depression on failed relationships (New Things, Say No More and a many more from his last full project Fall Through EP.)

You can follow him on SoundCloud here.