This is too short of a song. I’m just going to throw that out there. Car Keys from Chicago artist G.o.D. Jewels was so intriguing upon first listen that I just had to send it to my two hip hop confidants to get their impression and discuss the layers contained within. We all agreed it was moody, definitely complex, and more than anything not given the proper amount of plays it deserved. The production from Crystal Tokyo is elaborate; not just 4 minutes of one sonic theme. There are starts and stops, echoing vocals, and entrancing sound effects. 

This isn’t to take away from G.o.D.’s stunning performance. The lyrics portray a world with dark alleys after a night out, romance mixed with drug use, and a “mannequin” of a woman questioning everything around her. There is so much discussed and narrated here; I promise it will take quiet a few listens to take everything in. This track blew my mind and I have no doubt it will make your head spin as well.