Let me get this off my chest right away. Mr. 650, the new project by Adamn Killa, is not for everyone. Maybe its a Chicago thing, but I thoroughly enjoy his music. His previous tape, Back 2 Ballin excited me with it’s strange approach to melodic hip hop. Adamn has a very loyal fan base and tons are excited to hear he will be going on a fall tour, Check A Bag, starting in September.

Mr. 650 is entirely produced by DP Beats who you may remember from his 2015 collaborate EPs with Chief Keef, Almighty DP and Almighty DP 2. 650 follows in a similar vein as Back 2 Ballin and my favorite of his project’s,  Libra SeasonHe has a very distinct sound and although criticism (and praise) comes far and wide he refuses to change his sound. Very admirable. Get in tune with his newest LP.