The best way to describe the Sad Money and ChannelTres produced track Rare Panther + Beach House is funky, love making hip hop. Duckwrth has a very nice track on his hands. The switch up around 3 minutes and 30 seconds with a woman spitting some spoken word rhymes is beautiful. What follows is some r&b crooning by Duckwrth. He can definitely do the r&b and rap thing well. My only gripe is the length; I wish it was longer than the 5 minute mark.

Rare Panther + Beach House was premiered on Noisey Beats 1 Radio and is the latest single from his upcoming EP I’M UUGLYHe’s also released two promising songs Lowridr and GET UUGLY. If these songs are any indication to the EP’s sound, I’m all ears.