Super producer Zaytoven has modernized and shaped southern trap music for years but has just begun to get the undivided attention he deserves. Back in 2013, he created a backdrop to arguably the biggest hit of 2013 – Versace with Migos. As we all know Drake liked it so much that he remixed the track, giving yet another co-sign that sped up Migos’ popularity. Perhaps the Zaytoven beat concocted 3 years ago inspired Drake to seek him out for the rumored collab EP with Gucci Mane, The Sixers. If this is actually completed, it will undoubtedly contain a heap of beats from Zay as he recently gave details on the project.

On comeback album Everybody Looking, Gucci rather matter-of-factly stated:  “I’d rather rap a Zay track than a Dre track.” This, coming from Zay’s most frequent collaborator, sums up their relationship and synergy rather perfectly. Not only did he provide production on 8 of the 14 tracks on Gucci’s comeback album (some co-produced with Mike Will Made it), he has also collaborated with him on numerous mixtapes and albums.

A little over a week ago the pair started to tease WopTober on Instagram and other social media outlets. Although we don’t know exactly what WopTober is, we’ve gotten four tracks which is a part of a series called GucTiggy. These songs show Gucci at his finest lyrically, and Zaytoven delivering on his signature eerie instrumentals. Part 1 gives an introduction to what Gucci and Zay will showcase throughout the four tracks. The crack of bass hits and Gucci spews

I ain’t got no partners, I’m my own partner

And I don’t want no artists, I’m my own artist.

In Part 2 Zaytoven let’s Gucci do the work, giving a minimal drop with light bass that stays raw throughout. The chanting of Woptober echoes throughout. Part 3 and 4, my favorite out of the bunch, continues on with this quiet beat, but contains a droopier, slower and darker feel. Some criticism has been made of the similarities in production on each part; but it is a feat to put Gucci in the spotlight and become a just as essential supporting actor.

Woptober is looking to be something special, and we can only hang onto media outlets to get updates on the progress and specific release date of whatever content is to come.