Timaal Bradford has quiet a future ahead of him. The Mississippi native raps like’s got something to prove, especially on his new EP Everyone’s Doing It. With time, patience, and grind, I don’t think he’ll have any trouble convincing rap fans that he’s a full blow star in the making.

He’s got flows for days (first time I’ve used the blogs name!) and it’s evident throughout the EP. No track is without a complex rhyme structure. Each one has completely different vibes and sounds, yet Timaal bodies them equally in lyrics and cadence.

We’ve got some amazing production on EDI coming from iDBeatz, Aviel Ben Yamin, Chiefus, InfamousLegends, and InsaneBeatz. It is quiet a feat that their versatility in instrumentas can create one cohesive piece that runs beautifully.

I CANNOT believe Timaal doesn’t even have 100 followers yet on SoundCloud, and I hope that changes. I’m rooting for him.