Dizzy Wright feat. Audio Push – The Way We Live (New Track + Review)

Everytime I see Dizzy Wright’s name, I think of well known reggae artist Dizzie Rascal, therefore when I see Dizzy Wright featuring Audio Push, I think Reggae mixed with hyphy rap? That’s odd.

Dizzy is clearly aggravated about people stealing his style, and he talks about it on this track. Though his lyrics display this aggravation, to me, he doesn’t quite sound that angry as it’s coming out of his mouth. Matter of fact, he sounds like he’s muttering his lyrics a bit; it almost sounds like he’s on a public bus venting to a random stranger, and while he’s talking angrily, he’s being cognizant of his tone due to the people around him.

Audio Push came with a more straightforward approach, involving much more animation. They don’t sound annoyed like Dizzy does, they sound more braggadocios about the swagger jacking they encounter. Their flow on this song is phenomenal, as they switch it up pretty frequently throughout the two verses. Surprisingly, the vibe of the track is very chill: It reminds me a bit of ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’, with Rockie Fresh on the chorus.

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