The A.S.A. Project is known for their “move your feet” tracks; especially in the city of Chicago. They can also slow it down for dark r&b tinged emotional bangers that will have you contemplating life. Take one look at the album cover for All Night, and you’ll get the gist of what it sounds like. This one is bathed in neon lights; meant to be played at full volume at nightclubs with flashing lights hitting the dance floor.

Their latest project (released half a year ago), Oh! What a Place! takes on a similar vibe to All Night, combining autotune, dancehall, pop, and a bit of hip hop (see track Bon Voyage featuring Ikon, Spazz, Reelo & SKYLR.) Their newest album, dropping exclusively on one of my favorite blogs, These Days, is highly anticipated and regardless of the sound will be an exciting project to check out.