Rossirock -Agassi (New Mixtape)

West Coast emcee Rossirock has a history with tennis, hence the title of his newest full length project. He played in tournaments as a kid; and his Dad called him his “prodigy.” This all comes into play with Agassi, a personal and cinematic release. He dropped off loosies in the form of 19 & 55 and That’s My Lady among others throughout the last year, building buzz and accolades all over SoundCloud. Agassi never bores, and with 10 tracks it is very easy to digest. There are a handful of producers who contributed to this Agassi, and although they each have their own unique style, the track meld together well, and nothing is out of place.

He is affiliated with East Harlem’s Tanboys, a group from, you guessed it, New York. Frontman Bodega Bamz has loved his music ever since he reached out and sent mp3’s via email.  He is even featured on Agassi on track Suav City II, which happens to be my favorite track off the project. Watch out for the Tanboys movement to grow even faster, thanks, in part, to Rossirock and this strong release.