We introduced Ju Preach to our readers a few days ago with the release of his track Notice. I’ve definitely taken notice (forgive the bad pun) and after the post I listened to his other two tracks, Act, and Kill It. I enjoyed them so much that I decided to reach out to the young Milwaukee emcee for an exclusive interview with the man himself. Get to know him below:

Yo! How are you Ju? Thanks for taking the time to talk to flowsfordays.

What up, what up..I’m good, staying productive.. 

What’s been going on in your world?

Around me, a lot of everything has been goin on. So I’ve just been trying to keep that tunnel vision.. not really focusing on things that’s gone slow me down in terms of getting to where I’m trying to be.

For those that are new to you and your music, how old are you and where are you from?

I’m 19, from Milwaukee, WI

You just dropped Notice, which was my introduction to your music. I’m kicking myself for not catching on sooner. What has the response been like for the new song?

So far the feedback has been dope! Projecting some good numbers, shout out everybody supportin. 

I actually became aquatinted with your music because IshDARR reposted Notice on SoundCloud. Is that a friend of yours? What is your relationship to him?

Yeah, that’s my CCM brutha! since youth type shit. One of my Day 1’s.

Canis Major created a crazy backdrop for the cut. Will you be working with him in the future?

Haha definitely, be on the look out! 

The artwork on Notice is wonderful. Who designed it?

Appreciate that! My other CCM brutha, BoodahDARR, designs all my cover art actually haha.

I’m a firm believer in delivering the whole package with album and single releases to garner the most attention. Is that something you believe in as well? I feel you’ve done just that with your tracks from the artwork down to the quality of the music.

Of course! I feel like you always put your maximum effort into whatever’s meant for you…That’s what’s I’m doing now, and I’m glad it’s being noticed, thank you!

Before Notice you only released three songs on SC but all of them have racked up over 80K. Are you surprised at the amazing response you’ve gotten? 

I’m establishing a pretty loyal fan base, so to see the numbers stay consistent doesn’t surprise me as much, but gives me that motivation to keep working. 

You worked with different producers for each release. Is that something you are going to continue to do? 

I try to keep the amount of producers I work with limited for chemistry purposes, but it doesn’t hurt to flex your versatility sometimes.

What are some essentials while working on music or recording?

Well, a good blunt always makes writing a little easier haha…let my mind travel a bit 

Before recording, I always gotta eat first and stay hydrated. Other than that I’m all good 

What’s next for you in your music career? Can we expect a full length anytime soon?

More music and more music! Preach4Ever coming soon!